Graphic by Marjorie Williamson

In a small boarding house at the English seaside.  Stanley, the only lodger, has a secret.  Two mysterious strangers arrive with a job to do.  Nothing is what it appears to be but what happens at Stanley’s birthday party changes everyone’s lives.  Combining realism and absurdism, humor and menace, this classic of British theater remains as powerful as it did when first performed in 1958.

At the Kranzberg Black Box Theater, 501 N. Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63103, directed by Suki Peters, the cast (in order of appearance) is:

            Petey             Robert Ashton

            Meg              Teresa Doggett

            Stanley          Ted Drury

            Lulu               Summer Baer

            Goldberg      Chuck Winning

            McCann        Nick Freed


Albion Theatre’s The Birthday Party Is a Darkly Funny Gift” Tina Farmer, Riverfront Times

“’Theatre of Menace’ is the critical term that aptly describes The Birthday Party
and other plays by Harold Pinter. Both the comedy and the menace receive their due in the wonderful production by Albion Theatre.”
Gerry Kowarsky, HEC Media